It's time to leave your fears and take


How to Overcome Writer's Block, Time Commitments, and Self-Doubt to Finish & Publish Your Book

Go from a Blocked Writer to a Successfully Published Author.

Yes, you can do this!

Partner with me and you'll learn my exclusive secrets to take control of your time, overcome your blocks and struggles, and finally become a successfully published author.

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Blocked Writer to Published Author is all about helping you to get past all of the blocks standing in your way, no matter what they are, and finally finish your amazing idea and turn it into a successfully published book.

If you are the writer that constantly jots down new ideas, excitedly looking forward to turning each one into a book, dreaming of the day when you can just write all the time and share your stories with the world,

But you’re constantly stressed, overwhelmed, pressed for time, or you finally sit down to write and the words won’t flow… maybe you keep getting stuck and starting a new idea and can never finish one story – then Blocked Writer to Published Author is for you.

Hey Passionate Writer,

You’re a dreamer, someone who cares deeply about sharing stories – your stories – with readers and with the world. You have some really great ideas and a fantastic imagination, and you know that if you could just get your story in front of an audience, not only would they love it, but you’d have so much opportunity and freedom open up for you.

Yet every time you get a chance to write, you’re staring at the page, cursor flashing, with no idea what to put down. You start to nod off, fighting to keep your eyes open after your long day, and finally decide to try again next time.

New ideas pop into your head like a flash flood every time you’re in a position where you can’t take advantage of the sudden burst of muse. Despite the numerous notes you’ve already started, you keep trying at the one that feels the most substantial, but you can’t ever cross the finish line. You’re burned out, exhausted, and the author life you long for feels like a carrot at the end of a stick.

You’re just wishing you could sit down, ignore the blocks, stress and fears, and finish and publish your book. At the end of every day, you just want to be free to write as a successful author.

You’re dreaming of:

  • Having a group of readers that crave every new story you release
  • Turning each of your ideas into great stories that make it to #1 in the charts
  • Having a great team consisting of an editor, cover-designer, and anything else you’d need
  • Having freedom to travel or spend time with the most important people in your life

Most of all:

  • Writing whenever, wherever you want – for as long as you want.

The thing is…

You’ve been fighting just to find time to write and blocked when you try and you know that it’s time to make a change and learn how successful authors are doing it!

You know it's time to do something different

If You're:

  • Telling yourself if you just push a little harder something will happen?

  • Thinking THIS idea will be the ONE that you actually finish?

  • Reluctant to share with friends or family because the doubt and criticism is just too much?

  • Terrified you’ll never be able to quit your boring job and live free to write?

  • Feeling unfulfilled because you can’t do what you’re truly passionate about?

It’s time to make a change and more than that – it’s time to stop being blocked, held back, and burned out.

It’s time to become a successfully published author.

"I know everyone has their ups and downs, but for the last 10 yrs or so, I felt like I lived in a hole that did nothing but grow deeper and began to swallow me whole. Then Katelyn tossed me a rope ladder. While at first, I was skeptical, I decided to grab on anyway. Thanks to her support, I broke free of that hole and was able to be free again. I fought. And won."

Nephrys Darkwater - Fantasy Author

Don’t stress, it’s not as hard as you think...

I’m Katelyn Silva, author of three #1 Amazon bestselling books and more.

I’m here to not just walk you through the process, but guarantee your success. As an author mentor with several published books of my own and an Associates Degree in English – specialized in writing, I help passionate writers feeling frustrated and unfulfilled to become published authors and take back freedom in their life.

I’ve been where you are. I know exactly what it’s like!

Ever since I was small, I knew I wanted to be a writer – an author. I had this passion to impact the world and share meaningful stories with others. But for a long time, I would start an idea and then forget where I was going and I had no clue about anything concerning the publishing world.

I spent 8 years working as a restaurant manager, and I was good at it! I made plenty of money - enough to put my husband through nursing school out of pocket in addition to our bills, child care, and even occasional trips - and I learned many valuable skills. By many accounts I was successful.

But being a restaurant manager took away from my family, and from my passion. It left me feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, and burned out. I didn’t want to work in a restaurant, despite my skills. I wanted to be a full-time writer.

Despite that long-term desire, for several years, I had barely written anything, until finally, the pent-up lack of writing punched me right in the gut.

I needed to write.

It was the kick I needed to finally finish my first book.

I was gung-ho, confident, and ready to share my story. I signed up with a small publisher requesting entries. At the time, I knew so little about publishing that the idea of being traditionally published – regardless of who or how – was more than glamorous.

The short version is that the publisher helped very little and the book totally flopped!

I was so disappointed. Especially when I received first edition copies and only then caught more mistakes than I even wanted to admit! I scrambled to request a re-release – but by that point the book’s reputation was soured. I had sent out several copies to book reviewers with only a couple coming back with less than great reviews and most of the others never reviewing it after accepting my book.

The following couple of years were both illuminating and harsh for me. My publisher was less than transparent about my actual sales (if there were any), and I later realized I was stuck in a contract I couldn’t end. I was still stuck in a job I was burning out in and the wrenching ache to have freedom for my family and to write was growing stronger.

By the end of it, I had learned so much about publishing and becoming a successful author, that I was frustrated because I hadn’t implemented these tactics to become successful sooner – and others had begun to grow skeptical about whether actually being successful as an author was even possible!

But all of that was necessary – because since I made all those mistakes, I can now prevent you from making them and…

Today, things are different.

I learned my lessons, and have now published multiple works (some under a pen name ;)).

I have full control of my time and I get to write on a regular basis. It feels so AMAZING!

I actually have control over my works and I have an audience of readers ready to buy my books as soon as I release them. (So I get to make money from my writing too!)

Most importantly, I get to focus and spend more time on my family. They’re what matters.

This is what I want for you!

I want you to be able to write freely and live your life passionately. I want you to be fulfilled and live the life you truly want. I want you to have the freedom in your life to do what you want, to feel successful, and impact others through your work.

Most writers don’t know what it really takes to write and publish a successful book - and they go about it the wrong way! They keep pushing themselves harder, never asking for help and then they either publish a dud, or they never reach the finish line.

They’re held back because they think:

“Readers won’t actually enjoy my story…”

“Maybe I just can’t be like those other successful authors out there…”

“I don’t even know where to start when it comes to publishing or even marketing my book…”

But guess what. This is NOT you – not anymore.

You have something different and exceptional inside you. You have amazing stories to offer – and you’re ready to get some help to really make them successful.

It’s your turn!

Don’t keep wasting your time hoping to get there eventually until years have gone by – like they did for me!

That’s why I built

This is the

exclusive book publishing program

for blocked writers to go from mere dreams to

accomplishing author status in 6 months.

Over the course of the program, you will learn everything you need to take control of your time, write and publish your first successful book, and use it to live the life you want – free, fulfilled, and full of passion. You will learn a complete system that will guide you to develop your audience and be successful continuously in your future and open possibilities for you. Plus you get access to my professional team when you're ready for editing, formatting and cover design!

Here’s what we’ll accomplish:

Module 1

Break through your blocks, setbacks, and frustrations and find the hidden opportunities in your life so that you can take control of your time and write freely. Plus flesh out your ideas and build your perfect roadmap so you're guaranteed to finish your book.

Module 2

Take time to gather or decide on what research you'll need so you know exactly where to dig deeper and where you can learn more as you write.

Module 3

From start to finish, you’ll finally write and finish your book! No editing allowed.

Module 4

Fill in any missing places in the book or finalize any scenes that need a little extra attention before the editing phase.

Module 5

Time to do your first edits and start the polishing process!

Module 6

Establish expectations, guidelines, quotes, and time - frames and send your story to your professional editor. When edits are done, set your publication date! The countdown is on!

Module 7

Draft some cover ideas or find covers that resemble or inspire what you want. Submit to your cover designer and get your cover!

Module 8

In this module, we’re going to set up your mailing list, your website or landing page, and your enticing offer to start gathering your fans.

Module 9

Time to set yourself up for future success as an author or business owner (depending on the purpose of your book, of course.)

Module 10

Get all the formatting in order including both internal design and multiple book formats.

Module 11

Get ready. Get set. Publish! In this module, you’re going to PUBLISH your book!

Module 12

It’s time to PARTY! Announce your book’s release, get your first reviews, and watch it take off!

As you go through the program, there’s so much more you’ll learn with experiences you can take away and continue to use for the rest of your life!

In six short months you’re going to get:

Tools and Systems to Become a Successful Author

Exclusive membership and 24/7 access to the online modules with videos, checklists, and scripts

Weekly emails with reminders and information about each module

One-on-One Coaching

Weekly calls with Katelyn for accountability, support, Q&A, and guidance

Full access throughout the week through email for any and all questions as they come up

Support and Accountability

Exclusive access to the BW2PA Facebook Group

Networking and buddy-support

And There's More!

Full access to Katelyn’s resources, contacts, and team for the duration of the program, including professional edits and cover design for your book

Bonus material to help on your journey including guides and book promotion resources

All of that together is what makes up:

The Exclusive Author Mentorship Program for Blocked Writers Ready to Become Published Authors.

Blocked Writer to Published Author is for those writers 100% committed to their own success and willing to do whatever it takes to push through and make it happen.

Book Your Complimentary Breakthrough Chat

Let's Discuss Where You Are Now and Whether We're a Good Fit to Work Together to Make Your Author Dreams a Reality

"I left with the tools I need to take my writing career to the next level. I recommend Katelyn to everyone, and again, strongly suggest every writer, at any level, book a call."

Ash Haighy - Fiction Author

What Makes Blocked Writer to Published Author Different From All the Other Writing Offers Out There?

You’re going to learn so much more than just how to finish or even to publish your book...


You’ll get tools and proven systems that you can continue to use for the rest of your life.


You’re also going to learn time management and effective prioritization and organization. You’re going to learn keys to mastering mindset in order to overcome your inner doubts, fears, and blocks as well as eliminate the fear that comes from outer critics as well.


This is the only program where you get 100% full support including a professional team to make sure your book is of the highest quality including editing and cover design.

This journey is one that once you go through it, you can only continue to grow on it and gain more and more with every story you publish.

Other programs are focused on parts of the writing or publishing process, but no other program is fully invested in your success for every single step of the way through.


You’re going to tap into your truest desires and self and see them grow in a way you never imagined – like wild fire! You’ll be able to find your fans and grow a business for yourself beyond just a book.

That author life you dream of? It can become reality, and I’m going to take you through the steps on exactly how to make it happen – to make the money you want, have the freedom you want, make the impact you want – in much less time than you think.

  • Being a Published Author is for you if:

  • * Writing is your truest passion. It’s what drives you and gives you a natural ‘high’.
  • * You are determined to do whatever it takes to see your dreams become reality.
  • * You are sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed and never seeing your ideas become finished books!
  • * You are ready to make an impact and strongly desire having dedicated readers who love your work
  • * You want to go beyond just one book and make a life for yourself based on your passion for writing
  • You are not ready for this if:

  • * You feel hesitant about author-preneurship. This has to be an all in self-investment!
  • * You write here and there but it doesn’t drive you. You could go either way with writing.
  • * You can’t take criticism. As much as I will help you overcome doubts, fears, and critics, feedback is part of the process and will only help you to improve as a writer. If you can’t take it, you won’t become successful.
  • * You only care about the money. As I’ve mentioned before – unless you’re doing this because writing is your heartfelt passion, please don’t apply!
  • * You just want to write a book but aren’t invested in living a life of writing

"Don’t think, just book!! Despite a busy corporate career, I’ve felt the urge to write a book for years. From the outside, it seemed like an easy enough process. I opened a word document and started typing. Then stopped. Then started. Then felt blocked. The end. Until now.

I started working with Katelyn in order to gain clarity on how to actually plan and structure my writing project. The online format suits me really well as I can draw upon the materials whenever it fits into my schedule. Katelyn has been incredibly responsive to my questions and for the first time, I am actually making progress towards my dream.

I love the fact that Katelyn has successfully published several books of her own and has mastered the process. She knows the business end to end. Frankly, I wish I’d found her sooner! If you truly want to write that book of yours, I highly recommend Katelyn as your next step towards actually achieving your dream of becoming an author!”

Vinita Temmert - Personal Transformation Coach

You have two choices. Two roads diverged, in the words of Robert Frost.

You can keep trying to go it alone and push through yourself. You might reach the finish line, eventually, and still struggle to have a high-quality book, edited and polished that could do well or could flop. You might not know about publication, or make a ton of mistakes you’ll later regret.


You can skip all the headache and lost opportunities during that time and in just 6 months, you can be a successfully published author with a growing list of readers and fans, with the tools needed to successfully publish again and again to build the author life you are dreaming of.

Still Not Sure? I Can Answer Your Questions!

Is there a certain length I should strive for with my book?

Not at all. I believe that putting a specific word count or length limits the ideas and potential. Especially for the first draft, just let it flow to get the story out. Setting limits is what refining and edits are for!

What happens if I am not able to finish within the program time frame?

Don’t worry! I understand that life happens. It’s okay if you hit a snag, and need a little more time. We can work with you and be flexible. As long as it doesn’t become an indefinite setback!

What should I expect from the weekly calls?

These will focus on where you are, what writing blocks or questions you have, and how you can push forward. You will have a full 45 minutes of my undivided attention to talk about anything that will help you! Even if that just means you need someone to listen so you can get the ideas flowing.

What if I have a crazy ever changing schedule or can’t be on a call?

Not a problem! I worked in the restaurant business for years – so I know how the schedules can be! I will do my best to work specifically with your schedule and do the calls on days that work for YOU!

What if I have questions on the weekends?

You are free to ask questions in the Facebook group or via email any time! We will always do our best to respond in a timely fashion. Please be aware that just as you would want to have free, uninterrupted time with your family or life, so do we!

Will I have to spend extra money in addition to the program, and how much, realistically?

Yes. This program is to invest in YOURSELF, the best investment you can EVER make. Because when you realize that you won’t let yourself down, you become unstoppable and can do extraordinary things! Editing and cover design are covered as part of the program and working with my team (with the Gold Option), but additional resources spent will be on promotions as you're getting ready to launch. These can be anywhere from $25 up to a few hundred depending on what you choose to do.

Will I make my money back?

When you put in the work and follow the system, you will absolutely start getting revenue back from book sales every month. Some clients have received their investment back very quickly once the book was published!
*This is not a guarantee of certain results as all results vary based on a variety of factors with each client

Is this a safe environment for sharing my ideas? I’ve heard of groups where story ideas are stolen.

ABSOLUTELY! This program is all about taking YOUR OWN ideas and making them FLOURISH. Your ideas are sacred in our space. We ask a high price so that we know you are not only fully invested, but are not just out to be a leech off of others. (And that goes for the others in the program with you! ;))

What if I decide to change my story half way through?

That’s OKAY! I don’t recommend it, but that can happen. We can refocus – but just be aware that you’ll need to really buckle down and be committed in order to finish strong!

My Promise to You:

By the end of the program, you will not only be a successfully published author, equipped to finish and publish more books after, but you’ll go through a journey that will change your life.

You’re going to experience freedom, fulfillment, achievement, and learn exactly how to live the dream author life of writing whenever you want and seeing your stories enjoyed by readers and fans.

You’ll leave knowing you can go from being a blocked writer to a published author – guaranteed.

Katelyn Silva - The Author Mentor

Do you have additional questions or need any help? Or would you just like to speak to someone before making this decision? Feel free to reach out to us!

Set up a Writing Breakthrough Session with us to learn exactly how we can help, or Email us:

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