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Learn the steps to become a successfully published author.

Hey there, Passionate Writer.

I know the drill. You long to write. You have this burning passionate desire to see your ideas published and in the hands of readers. You've tried everything you can think of - advice, reading books on how to do it, trying to force yourself when it's not happening, the list goes on.

Aren't you ready to see your dreams come to reality? Aren't you ready to stop watching others publish successfully and finally have the spotlight on you?!

I'm Katelyn Silva, author of three #1 Amazon bestselling books and more and founder of The Author Mentor.

I am an online writing and publishing coach with three fiction and two non-fiction books published and an Associates Degree in English specialized in writing.

I help passionate writers go from blocked, unfulfilled, and frustrated to successfully published, free, and thriving through my program Blocked Writer to Successful Author.

I work with people who have a burning love for writing and give them the tools and confidence to turn their ideas into successful books.

I know what it's like - really! A few years ago, I was you.

I had this insatiable need for writing but I'd tried for years to finish just one book. Not including all the editing. Ugh. Nightmare, right?!

Back then, I struggled with so many aspects of writing and worst of all - I was naive! I didn't know a thing about the publishing world.

But let me go back to where it all started for me. When I was little, my mom started teaching me to write before reading. It was called "The Writing Road to Reading" and, in essence, taught how to read through writing. I remember writing letters to my Dad, and having to wait till he got home from work so he could read them back to me (before I could read them myself, of course).

I think to some extent, I subconsciously associate writing with these pleasant memories and happy times.

I was eight years old the day my mom called me and each of my other siblings into her room. She was lying on her bed, a glimmer in her eyes and a sad smile on her face. "I love you," she said before the EMTs were wheeling her out of the house. I don't remember if it was that day or the next, but the next thing I did know was sitting on my bed in my room, my Dad kneeling before me and my three younger siblings and saying, "Mommy is with Jesus now."

That day forever changed my life.

Within a year afterward, my Dad had sold his business and we moved halfway across the country. We suddenly were in a completely new place with no one around that we knew. As I grew older, my responsibilities increased to taking care of my siblings - getting them up and ready in time for school, packing their lunches - cleaning the house, making dinner, and toward the end of high school managing the bills, doing the grocery shopping, helping with homework... in addition to maintaining my own grades and activities. This time of my life taught me so many things - one of the most important lessons being time management and productivity.

Through that time, writing was my constant. I began roleplaying (not the games... more like a community of people that each have their own characters and take turns writing which, over time, forms a story or plotline), and also dabbled in starting my own stories frequently, though they never went more than the first chapter. This was where I began learning from those I wrote with and honing my skills. I have to admit that at times I'll look back at my earlier writings and laugh!

Then, when I was eighteen, I hit an all-time low. A series of bad decisions and life-altering changes led me to move halfway across the country to get back on my feet. I stopped personal writing and my community writing was sporadic.

I got a job, went back to school, got my own apartment, and for several years my writing was almost non-existent. I scaled the restaurant business and quickly moved into management. These were some great years. I got married to my amazing husband and we had my son. I experienced more promotions and success. But it was in January of 2013 that the lack of writing was like a punch in the gut. I was overwhelmed with the burning passionate need to write.

I picked up the dusty old manuscript I had finished the most of during high school and decided to finish it. I'm not sure if the difference was that I had a renewed clarity of vision with the story, I was motivated with the insatiable need to write, or if it was because I made it a priority to write every day, but within six months, the first draft was done.

I took some time away from the manuscript to research agents and began to learn more about the publishing world before diving into edits. At the time, the thought of being traditionally published by any publisher, big or small, was beyond glamorous. I found a small publisher requesting submissions... and my book was accepted! I was overjoyed and ecstatic.